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Today’s world is a stressful place, and Master Peace invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation: color pictures by numbers, listen to calming music, and experience serenity anywhere and anytime.

Relax & Color

by Number Online

With Master Peace Game

Find inner calm

Finding inner calm in the hustle of a fast-paced lifestyle has never been a simple task. Master Peace — one of the best free coloring apps to get rid of external distractions.

Color by number online

Color by number & paint online to
enhance observation skills and 
improve cognitive performance overall. 
Suitable for both children and adults.

Feel the relaxing atmosphere

Download the app to immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of relaxing music, hand-drawn images from exciting collections, and engaging stories.

Our coloring app has different

levels of difficulty

Choose the suitable one to color by numbers the empty fields of the picture in the most challenging way possible. You may stop anytime and get back to the home screen. Your progress with colored images will be saved.

Explore our

music library

to complement coloring by numbers online

For this, go to the Sounds page of our color book app and choose the desired category. Choose the song you like. Congrats! Now you can color by numbers and listen to relaxing music at the same time.

Enjoy our

best coloring app!

Should you need a relaxation session — color by number and paint online anytime you wish.

Master Peace:

How to Start?

This free color app has an absolutely simple and intuitive interface. But if you need some guidelines, here are the step-by-step instructions:

Enter Play Market (for Android) or App Store (for iOS)

Type “Master Peace” in the search field and download your best color app for Android or iOS

Launch the coloring game

Choose one of the paint categories and then tap on the most interesting picture.


Should You Color

by Number With

Master Peace App?

Music for every taste

Our online game was designed to outperform competitors’ apps in terms of functionality. You can choose among six music categories and color by number while enjoying the best tracks. This completes relaxation perfectly and drives the everyday routine off.

Easy painting navigation

Among the best features of our paint-by-number game online is painting navigation. Color by number games have never been more exciting. Now, you can:

Unique image categories

The icing on the cake is our list of image categories.
Every picture is unique, and you can always find the one that completely matches your taste in artwork.

You can get even more coloring pages (and more music) with a paid subscription (monthly and yearly).

Painting Categories

Being one of the best coloring games, Master Peace has a wide range of image categories available:


Mandala art is popular in Eastern religions. These are maps representing deities. Color by number online some of these amazing artworks to find harmony with the universe


In this category, you can find some of the most beautiful creatures living on Earth. From birds to whales and from alligators to elephants, choose an animal you like and color it to your taste and mood


Who said that there is no beauty in images of insects? At least give a picture of a butterfly a try


Color by numbers online some handsome men and adorable women. It’s so interesting to colorize a portrait of a famous, or just fascinating, person


Immerse yourself in the infinity of space. Give color to some of the well-known planets or color by number space suits and rockets


If you like exciting views (and who doesn’t!), you’d definitely find this category breathtaking. Return colors to pictures of some of the best sunsets, mountainous areas, and ocean beaches


Intricacies of different shapes formed by line drawings are at their own level of uniqueness and attractiveness


In this category, you will find the most calming objects and views ever exist


Color by number some of the world-famous artworks. Feel yourself a great artist of antiquity


Here you’ll find the most beautiful artworks displaying golden leaves and magnificent trees conveying the charming atmosphere of this season


All the newly released pictures for coloring are featured in this category. Don’t miss our new cool visuals!

The good thing about our free color app is that more images and categories will be added with weekly updates.

Master Peace


Coloring by number games is a type of relaxing activity. You fill areas, which are indicated by a number and separated with lines, with a matching color.

Master Peace is simple and does not require expert skills. Paint colors as per the prompts, if you wish, or turn off this feature to choose colors by yourself

We believe that color-by-number games must not be overloaded with built-in advertisements. This would negatively impact your experience. You will not see ads in our best color app but may purchase a subscription instead.

Our subscription makes grants you even more images to color by number online. You will also have more music to choose from. You may request a 7-day free trial and cancel the subscription anytime you wish.

Our app is free but still has a superior customer support team. You may contact it from the “Support” page in the settings. We are happy to help you or receive your feedback.

Our subscription grants you even more images to color by number online. 

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